And it begins…

I know, I know… We’ve begun yet another blog. This one, however HAS to keep going. Else where will we keep posting all of the pictures of our cute little baby after he/she is born?

So, this will be the place where you can see pictures and read anecdotes, updates and ramblings. There will also be talk of nesting as we get the house ready for baby, and get the “nursery” in perfect condition!

EXCITING NEWS! We have our 18 week appointment on Tuesday, and we hope we’ll be able to announce the baby’s gender! Also we’re really excited to get to see our little bean again. It bubbles around down there every now and then. I can’t wait until it feels like little kicks and punches!


The theme will be bdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbbdbddddd…… “The Velveteen Rabbit!” Because that book is awesome. Don’t bother looking for Velveteen Rabbit nursery  materials though. They don’t exist.

Currently we have all of the furniture in place, and we have a border made up of Pictorial Webster’s Wall Cards–courtesy of Mom and Dad Hudson!

U is for Unicorn, Z is for Ziggurat and Zyther

I’ve also started a mobile project made up of little felt rabbits 🙂 Two down and six or so to go. Phew. Hand stitching those little suckers takes FOREVER. I’m custom making my bumper and my sheets, and Ryan is painting the toy box  (in a Adventure Time theme)

Jake the Dog and Finn the Human--The fun will never end!

Pictures of the developments will come in time.

For now here are the latest pictures we’ll have of the baby until Tuesday (Check back on Wednesday for an update!)

Week 10 bean

Week 10 bean

The beginnings of a baby bump! FINALLY!

If you’re interested in reading with us, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the insights in our Hypnobirthing book.

Until Wednesday!

Ryan and Emily (and bean)


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