The Halfway Point!

We back on the blog! So, pregnancy update: everything is going great! No problems or hiccups. Well, there have probably been some hiccups, but I can’t tell a punch from a headbutt. All I know is this little baby is a mover. I see her kicking and flipping all the time. Little bumps on my stomach!

Here’s my 20 weeks picture:

New maternity dress. So soft, so cottony...

Let’s see… Ryan is making a lot of progress on his project, the toy box. He’s painting it in a fantasy theme, and it is quite fantastic!:

Chinese dragon

Hero Quest band (nerdery)

I made some progress on the mobile I’m putting together, the bunnies are completed, and we have the dowels to put it all together. I’ll need Ryan’s engineering expertise to get it just right.

Ryan and I made our down payment for our hypnobirthing class, and I’ve been listening to my new rainbow relaxation CD. It seems to be embedding in my brain; the other night I had a dream that I had the perfect hypnobirth and I kept repeating the hypnobirthing affirmations to myself–ha ha

I know a lot of you don’t know much, or anything about hypnobirthing, so I found a video of a woman using the technique during her natural home-birth. The last three minutes are the craziest (No worries, you don’t see any lady parts)

This next video doesn’t have any lady parts either, and it gives examples of early contractions, transition labor, and the actual birth. I think what I love most about these videos is how alert the enlivened the mothers seem after the process.

And finally some pictures! These ultrasound pics are from the 18th week!

Images from top left to right: head profile & spine; back of head and hand (fingers!); arm (I think); front of face (alien); tiny little foot; three little dots means it's a girl!


6 responses

  1. HI Emily and Ryan!
    First of all, Emily, you look adorable in your new dress! Thanks for posting the photo! Keep posting them!
    Second, Ryan, I didn’t know you were such a good artist! The toy box is fabulous!
    I love the name you have picked for your beautiful baby girl! I can already tell by the ultrasound photos that she is gorgeous!
    Keep sending those photos! Hey, where are the photos of Ryan!?!
    I am so excited for both of you!
    I miss you guys!
    Love you,
    Aunt Mary

  2. Aren’t you looking so stylish and cute at the same time Emily. I’m so happy to hear that the Robbins’ Nest is being perpetuated in your universe. The toybox is awesomely creative, son (no surprise there) and I look forward to seeing the rest of the nursery items. Also, thanks for the “official” name announcement. Can’t wait to meet Elliott Delaney in person. Stay well and happy all of you!

  3. Love the updates! That toy box is absolutely fabulous and the ultrasound photos just melt your heart. Such a precious time… Great videos, by the way. Be inspired by them. Birth is amazing and I’m so excited for you! Keep up the relaxation. It’s pretty awesome to have a time in your life that you can say, “I don’t have time for dishes right now, I have to go relax.”

  4. Emily, you look so cute in your dress. Your little bump is growing. The hypnobirthing looks very interesting. Ryan, the toybox is amazing. I love the painting. Can’t wait to see updated pictures.
    Love, Mom-Grandma

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