23 Weeks and Counting

Everyone I know still thinks I’m in the first few months of pregnancy! If one more person asks me about my morning sickness I might just throw up on them! Just kidding of course 🙂 Seeing as how my “baby bump” is more of a “baby slight incline” I can see why they are confused!

But I love my tiny little belly and the increasingly-less-tiny baby kicking inside. My baby is the perfect size for my body. In fact, according to Babycenter.com, my baby is 11 inches (although she always measures slightly longer than the average!)and weighs as much as a large mango! That’s like… a giant banana that is as fat as a mango. I think…

11 inches long; weighs just over a pound

New Things:

Ryan and I started our Hypnobirthing class last week. It meets every Tuesday for 2.5 hours. Ryan is very sweet and supportive to give up three hours of much-needed homework time every week for the next five weeks, and I really appreciate him coming to the class with me. It would be pretty awkward if I were the only one there with no husband… who would guide me through the relaxation and visualization exercises?

I also got to see my very first videos of vaginal births. It is INSANE! But looks completely manageable. It made me have a birth-dream, except instead of my one baby I had two! TWINS! No thank you 🙂

Upcoming Events:

We have a fancy 3D ultrasound coming up next week! We’ll be 24 weeks, and ready to see the little beans cute little nose for the first time! I only hope she doesn’t sit face-down the whole time we’re trying to catch a glimpse of her little face.

That’s all for now! More pictures of Mom, Dad and baby to come next week 🙂



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