End of week 23…Updates on the bump and the toy box!

41 inches 'round! @ the end of 23 weeks

As week 23 winds down, we look forward to more fun baby changes to come! I’ve gotten a little bigger, and increasingly more excited (although, admittedly increasingly more nervous about what I don’t know about important things like feeding schedules and establishing sleeping schedules.)

With only three months of this pregnancy left to go the reality of having a baby is sinking in a little bit more. It helps that we really want this little lady, and all of our friends out here are awesome parents who we can turn to for advice when all of you guys get tired of our constant queries.

Anyway, you guys want to see the pictures! The toy chest is looking awesome.

The 3 Bears play hide and seek with Sir Didymus (from The Labrynth)

Ninjas having a picnic!

Here you see the ninja picnic, the 3 bears, and princess Ariel taking an art lesson

More to come in the following days… I have some projects I’m working on and we’re getting a 3D/4D ultrasound on Tuesday! EXCITED!

-The Robbins


3 responses

  1. Another cute dress, Emily. It is really strange to see my daughter pregnant. But very exciting. I guess it’s because I don’t see you often. I can’t wait to see your projects and your new ultrasound and the completed toy box. Do you have toys to put in the box yet?

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