Baby Adventures!

We have had an exciting week! Baby’s first picnic and a 3D ultrasound! Some people think they are creepy, but I think those people are wrong.  Ryan wants to touch up some of the pictures so they’re easier to decipher what’s going on, but I’ll post a few stills from the session, so those of you who are afraid of the 30 minute video can enjoy a few pictures at your leisure 🙂

She was sitting with her legs completely up in her face

She had her hands and feet in her face the WHOLE TIME. Although, we did get a full body shot toward the end of the session (but I can’t find it to get a still shot from the video…)

Here’s a shot from the video of her sucking her thumb! (11:20–Elliott Part 2–if you watch the video you can see her really going for it.)

The video had to be broken into segments because it was too long for Youtube or to upload directly to the blog. Also, it takes about 30 minutes to create the video segments in iMovie, and an  hour to upload it to Youtube, so the video will be coming in two 15 minute segments. Here’s the first 15 minutes:

Some of the quality was lost while shuffling the files around, but it was either no video or kind of blurry video 🙂 We’ll post clearer pictures from the video as soon as Ryan has time to work his photoshop magic.

Here’s Part 2:

We also had baby’s first picnic on Monday! We took a blanket and food to the park/lake in our neighborhood; Ryan skipped rocks and I fed really old bread to the ducks. The ducks were really picky, but they ate it anyway.

Some pictures!

Making a soft place to sit

Getting ready to skip rocks

skipping rocks



3 responses

  1. I loved the clarity at minutes 11 and 13 of the 15-min video. I could swear I saw her smile after the thumb-sucking. AND the knees up in the face she must get from her Daddy (eating cold cereal at the table?) Who’d think you could be a “movie-star” in utero and have your YouTube already available. Can’t wait to meet the little lady. Did Elliott stay active after being poked and prodded OR did she take a nap for you? Oh by the way Mom, you’re looking fine as well in your profile update. The picnic looked fun too. I’m sure she appreciated being invited.

  2. She is absolutly beautiful. What amazing pictures. Dad and I are going to watch the video tonight together. Can’t wait. Love you and miss you. See you soon.

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