Projects for Baby

Ryan and I have been working tirelessly on our various projects for our little bean. We want the nursery to be perfect! So far this is what we’ve accomplished:

Ryan is working like a madman on the toy chest. It’s seriously amazing, and these pictures don’t do it justice. Here are some pictures of the lid of the chest! The general theme is “our family is awesome.”

Ryan breaks up the battles!

Bakers fight confections, kitty musketeers fight cowboy dogs

The Red Bull/ Malificent and some cowboy-dog ruffians

The Last Unicorn/Prince Phillip fighting evil

I’ve mostly been working on linens and decorations for the crib/Walls. A lot of sewing, and a little painting. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far!

Reupholstered chair

Wall paintings

(The paintings aren’t finished)

Crib Skirt!

front/back of the soon-to-be crib bumper

I’m waiting on some mailed-materials to complete the bumper. The polka dot Cream is the interior, the chocolate brown is the exterior.

Bunnies for my mobile

Obviously, this hasn’t been completed either 🙂

And last but not least:

Knitted rabbit--not quite "Veleveteen"

That’s what we’ve got so far! Updates to come as the room gets more put together.

-Ryan and Emily


3 responses

  1. You are two of the most creative people I know–it’s so fun to watch everything come together for the nursery. Elliott better appreciate what awesomely cool parents she has. The toy box overwhelms me ’cause I can’t imagine all of that fitting on, but it is and will. The chair and all of your sewing projects are looking great–what can’t the two of you accomplish. I think you both have the gift of fearlessness and that allows your creativity to go crazy!

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