She grows so fast!

Elliott is growing so fast! I feel her moving constantly; in the early mornings during one of my inconvenient bathroom breaks, before breakfast–telling me she’s hungry, after breakfast–telling me “thanks for that,” while I sit, while I’m at Yoga, when I get home from Yoga, watching TV, sewing, and relaxing before bed. I’ve also enjoyed the emails I get from every week. They give me an approximation of what my little bean is up to this week as opposed to last. I can’t believe she’s about 13 1/2 inches this week, and starting to put on some of that adorable baby chub! I’m getting more excited to meet my baby with every week. Tuesdays have become my new favorite days (as they are the beginning of my “baby weeks”) and I always look forward to my email updates.

Ryan has been amazing; he’s always willing to do anything for me and even tells me “nothing you ask for while you’re pregnant is selfish or lazy” (but sometimes it totally is!) He has been an incredible supporter of my Hypnobirthing, always offering to help me practice my relaxation exercises, and encouraging me to become more familiar with the parts that are difficult for me. He helps around the house even when he’s swamped with reading and other homework, and he’s even squeezing in some scholarship applications to try to help out with early baby expenses! I’m really blessed to have such a concerned, dedicated and involved husband, and I know Elliott will benefit from those same qualities as he takes on the role of her father.

During these last few weeks Ryan has been opening my eyes to the wonders of all the Japanese animated movies I haven’t seen! Last weekend it was Castle in the Sky, and yesterday it was Totoro! The cutest movie EVER.

The only video I could find that wasn’t a trailer was in German 😀 sorry! All she says is “The bus is coming!”


Ok. I’m off to finish some more projects today! I have to go back to work in a week and I have so much to do!


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