New Dresses!

I took the liberty of returning some of the boy outfits my Mom bought me when I was sure I was having a boy. I got three precious little dresses, and it only cost me $1.64!

I guess the little white one is more of a shirt and pants šŸ™‚

Now I will buy no more clothes.






3 responses

  1. I LOVE the first dress. Loooveee it. What do you need? I want to buy you stuff all the time but I don’t want to buy you things you already have! When you get time, can you make a list or inventory of what you have and need still (Because it’s fun to do that – I seriously folded and refolded Oliver’s clothes like ten times before he was born and I have a bunch of Jaxom’s hand me down clothes. Haha)? Then I’ll be sooo happy. Are you registered anywhere yet? I love you!

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