Baby Shower, Toy Chest Updates, etc.

First, the cuteness: Last night  had my computer resting atop my burgeoning belly, and Elliott pushed up with her foot and just left it there, so I reached under my computer and gently grabbed her little foot and she pulled it back in. It was a great moment for me 🙂 I can’t wait to grab those little feet all of the time!


We have set the official date for the baby shower in Arizona! It will be Saturday, June 4. So, you can buy plane tickets now 🙂 Also, let me know if you’d like an invitation (if you don’t live in AZ and aren’t a relative) and I’ll send you one!

You may have also noticed that I quietly replaced our blog “menu” links to be links to my baby registries. I add stuff to them every now and then, and I’ll probably be working on “perfecting” them for another month at least, but anything you see on there now should remain. I probably won’t take anything else off! I’ve been kind of OCD about those registries, making sure I’m registered for every necessity. It’s been fun and informative.


Ryan has done a lot of work on the toy chest these last few days; adding the cobblestone path, final details on his dueling duos and some foliage. He even finished ME (the best part of the painting) complete with the magic butterfly spell I’m casting on those thieving goblins! Lesson to my children: If you steal, Mom will transform you into a butterfly. And, if you fight: Dad will end the fight with fire.

Here are some pictures:

Lid Update

Lid update 3



As for me, I’ve been cleaning really random things for the last few days. Today I organized and cleaned out the pantry to make room for… something. I don’t know, I just didn’t want it to be dirty. Then I crawled on my hands and knees picking up pieces of paper and plastic bits up off the nursery floor. If only I could find the energy and/or motivation to finish those baby dresses I’m making. Good thing the cute little blue bubble bodysuit I ordered from Zulily came in Friday!

so precious

Also, I have a trimester mile mark coming up on Tuesday, so get ready for a post about me and my stuff in the next couple days 🙂 There should be some pictures of actual humans!



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  1. Emily could be holding a “magic” mirror as in “she’s the fairest of them all”, a handheld floral noesgay, her own “Emmy” OR a German stein AND didn’t David Bowie have some stylin’ cane or walking stick in Labyrinth, one with glitter or some kind of sparkle? Love the other additions too!

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