The Beginning of the END!

It is official, we are in the 3rd Trimester! Do you know what that means? 11-13 more weeks and we’re gonna have a baby! Here is an obligatory, albeit reluctant picture of me, 42 inches ’round, kicking off my 28th week.

Elliott sits all bunched up right at the bottom of my stomach, making me a little pointy!

Being pregnant is still really awesome. Ryan and I took a tour of our hospital on Saturday, and it was… hospitally. The private rooms/bathrooms are really nice, albeit small, and I think there will be just enough room for our birthing tub (but I can tell why they say you can only have a small tub). My midwife assures me our birth plan will be followed exactly how we want it (medical crisis aside, of course) which is encouraging. I think I’d be more comfortable if I could call the hospital and ask them specific questions, like, “Is there anyway to have less sterile lighting, can I use aromatherapy, etc” Mostly aesthetic questions. My midwife and my hypnobirthing  sign will tell the nurses to take it easy on me, and I’ll be in the tub (ideally) for most of the labor, so they won’t be able to poke and prod me. The goal is to be IV and needle free for the whole delivery! We’ll let you know if we accomplish that.

But for now, getting things ready for baby is a going to give me plenty to fill up my days. Most recently I completed the crib set, complete with bumper, crib skirt and my first crib sheet. I have plans to complete the mobile, frame my pictures and create a center-wall piece. If I’m feeling crazy I might actually finish those dresses! Yeah!

The crib set--click the picture for up-close details

Now off to cleaning and organizing impulsively…



6 responses

  1. Hi, Emily,
    Your mom was giving me trouble for not commenting on your blog. I love all the things you are doing to prepare for Elliott’s arrival, but I especially love the pictures of you (and your tummy). I’m glad you are feeling well, and it looks like Elliott is growing nicely.
    Everyone is coming to our house for Easter. We’ll miss you and Ryan. We’ll have to add a special egg for Elliott to our egg hunt. I’ll ask Megan to help find her egg!

    Love you,
    Aunt Judy


    • Aw, I hope Megan and the other little ones have fun at the Easter Egg hunt. It was always one of my absolute favorite family parties! I’m glad you like the pictures, and I’m quite fond of my growing belly as well 🙂 I’m getting more and more excited for Elliott’s arrival, and whenever I count the weeks I have left I can’t believe how fast everything is flying by. We miss you guys too, but look forward to bringing little Elliott home to meet everyone later this year!

  2. Just re-read the previous post and I didn’t notice before
    BUT is that a lightning bolt on your knee Em? Are your superpowers sneaking out? Love ya and Happy Anniversary you two.

    • Ha ha ha, yes, my pants have reflectors on the side that I wasn’t aware of until after we took this picture! I suppose I can’t hold my secret powers in much longer. They must be getting stronger with the baby 🙂

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