35 Weeks

Do you know the coolest thing about being 35 weeks pregnant? It means you only have 35 DAYS left! 35 weeks=35 more days of pregnancy. Weird.


Although, I have to admit I don’t know where this baby is going to go in the next five weeks. Maybe she’ll decide to head out after four. (pun intended, by the way.) I already have little knees sticking out on my right side, with occasional feet to poke. And she doesn’t even wiggle vigorously when I grab her little bum anymore. She’s all out of space, Cap’n! But I suppose I’ll stretch to accommodate her growing needs.

Actually the best thing about being 35 weeks pregnant is that tomorrow is my last day of work for the summer! Ryan is out of school, but is right back into teaching. Today was the first class of his Chinese 101 summer session, and in typical Ryan fashion he came down with a mystery illness at the most inopportune time possible. He really does have horrible luck with his health. We’re hoping a night of 7up and Soda crackers followed by a Nyquil-induced coma will mostly cure his ailments.

I’m healthy as a horse (a really, really big horse) and can only report–not complain–that I am sweaty ALL THE TIME. Inside, outside, it doesn’t matter where! I want to hire an ice-magician to follow me around and cast chilling spells. Or at least blow cold air on me.

In birthing news: my birth tub came in the mail yesterday–huzzah! Now if the hospital’s pool is occupado, I have my trusty back-up. And until we go to the hospital, I can fill it with ice water and just sit in it all day long.

I’m so excited to see my Mom, Mother-in-Law, and Sisters-in-law on Thursday. They’re all flying in for my baby shower on Saturday. So delightful! Ryan and I love having family in town. I hope he feels better so he can fully enjoy the experience.

I’m sure it will be awesome no matter what!


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