The Shower!

Maybe I should put up a Table of Contents so you readers can skip to the “interesting” parts?

1. Review of family in town

2. Baby Shower overview and photos

3. List of gifts acquired with giftcards


1. It was fantastic to have our Moms and sisters in town this past week! We ate a TON of delicious food, and played several rousing games, all of which my mom DESTROYED us in. I’ve actually never seen Ryan beaten so thoroughly at Ligretto. She even won the new game Heather introduced us to. And by won, I mean she showed no mercy. NO MERCY! My Mom was really helpful when it came to buying all of the post-baby shower accessories, and was a lot of fun to have around in general. Heather, Shelly and Debbie-Mom were a lot of fun to hang out with! They always make things more festive!

2. In other news we also had the baby shower last Saturday, and it was beautiful! My friend Samantha planned a great party, and Kat and Regan brought food and drinks; together they made the perfect party. It was great to see so many of my friends from work and school, and it was really nice to have family there. Here are some pictures of the Event:

baby us's

Blanket Cake!




Lots of great gifts, like the Bumbo!

A lot of cute toys!


I really got a lot of great things. Plenty of wash cloths and little baby clothes! I got a Boppy and toys and a diaper sprayer for the cloth diapers, and a lot of blankets and baby accessories 🙂

3. Thanks to my Aunts and Uncles, and various friends who made gift card contributions! I got EVERYTHING I need for the baby. There’s a list below!

Baby T-Shirts

Sleeping sacks

Waterproof cribpads

Crib sheets

Baby Monitor

Trash Can

Baby Sleeper/Bassinet

High Chair

Changing Pad Cover


Activity Mat


Toy Net for bath toys

Cloth Wipes/disposable wipes

Baby Shampoo/wash/powder

Cloth Diapers

No-Scratch Mittens

First Aid/Grooming Kit

Ice Pack

Nursing Paraphernalia


Baby Toiletries, such as cotton balls and ibuprofen

Car Window shades and a backseat car mirror

A Baby Bullet (for making baby food! It’s adorable)

Bottle accessories

Swaddling wraps

Paper Diapers

and a dishwasher caddy.


Basically I got everything from my registry! So thank you thank you thank you for all of your thoughtfulness, and generosity. We are SET! Let’s get this baby over here!

36 weeks, 3 days. Give us four days and she’ll be full-term!

35 1/2 weeks






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