Keeping busy…

As the countdown dwindles, I’m finding it harder and harder to not watch the proverbial pot to see it boil. So, I’ve found a few new projects to keep me busy! I’m taking Ryan’s summer Chinese 101 class, and I’m making wet bags! They should come in handy for out-and-about wet cloth diapers, and other various wet things we don’t want to soak the diaper bag or purse. They’re not PUL, which would be ideal, but JoAnn doesn’t sell it anymore =lame. So they are cotton with a thin vinyl lining.

I found the tutorial here:


Here’s my first one!:

I did it! In a couple months we’ll see if it actually works…


One response

  1. I read this post this morning and thought, hmm, I should make one of those sometime; I bet that could come in handy. Two hours later on the road about 40 minutes from home Zeke throws up all over his clothes and car seat. Those delightfully scented clothes then sat in a wad on the floor as I sat wishing I had a wet bag.

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