Queen of the Peanuts: Ma Petit Cacahuète

Every day is a new adventure with our little peanut, or princess, or inch worm, or Lucifee-from-Cinderella look-a-like.

I mean, mostly it’s just different combinations of eating, pooping, sleeping, burping, farting and peeing, but occasionally we get one of her adorable smiles with a little twinkle in her eye, and we take it straight to the parenthood bank! We’re figuring out the whole sleep thing; Ryan’s better at it than I am since he can wear ear plugs without them falling out and getting lost in the similarly-colored bed sheets at 2:00 a.m.

We started cloth diapers today; her legs are finally chubby enough to keep the poop and pee from leaking out the sides! It’s a good thing too, because not ten minutes after we put her in the first cloth diaper, she pooped a big one. Then in her next diaper she peed a big one. Then in her third diaper in 2 hours she had the most massive poop I’ve ever seen. She was literally swimming in that bright yellow, liquidy poo. To quote Ryan, “Ay! Caramba!”  Yes, indeed. But she sure is cute in her cotton bottoms.

just before the poo...

In short, holding a baby all day is awesome. I’m getting all kinds of ideas of things I’d like to sew/craft/doodle. Someday soon I think the public may see some of those things come to fruition–at least the things I can do with one free hand (the one that isn’t holding my little pink pudgy peanut person).

Wish me success in learning how to clean the poop out of these diapers without spraying it all over my bathroom.


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