The Lap of Luxury

I think when we dream of luxury we’re really just subconsciously yearning for our infancy. Someone to feed us, dress us, change us, hug us and smile at us all day long–and we don’t even have to use consonants.

Today Elliott was treated to a long, warm bath. She loves the way the warm water feels on her tummy, especially with all those farts bubbling around in there! Last week things got pretty rocky with the poots, but with some new-found eating suggestions, she’s feeling much better. There have been a lot more happy awake times these last few days, and Mom and Dad are finally able to get some sleep!

I’ll never get used to how fast my baby is changing and growing. Like the way she looks right at the camera now when I take her picture. It blows my mind! What happened to my near-sighted, always sleeping 1-week-old baby? Now she’s an opinionated little sack of potatoes who knows exactly what she wants–and we’re slowly getting better at figuring out what that is 🙂

So, here she is literally “soaking it up.” Soaking up my love, adoration, and the bath water.

Oh, we're taking pictures?

Did you get my good side?

Man, oh man. Babies are GREAT!


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