2 Months Down!

Elliott, or “Peanut Butt” as I’ve come to call her, has made it to the 8 week mark! The blessed time when babies begin to smile more frequently and sleep more soundly (at night, at least). She’s such a sweet little girl, and such a healthy communicator! She’s peeing and pooping like a champion too.

I miss spending all of my time with her. I love just holding her all day and finding different ways to make her smile. Today she really liked watching me eat potato chips. What a weirdo!

Anyway, I dressed her up and took some pictures, but I didn’t get any good smiles until later that night when she woke up from her pre-nightsleep nap. Now I know to schedule our photo shoots around her naps.

cute outfit, but no smile!

She's a big fan of sticking her tongue out and making spit bubbles.

Money shot!

There she is! Our two month old bean. We love her, and can’t wait for everyone to FINALLY meet her! Before the year is out we hope to introduce her to all of our family. We hope. Funds willing 🙂

As we start preparing to move Elliott into her crib (and her own room!) I’ve been looking into crib mattresses and I found this company, GreenXC, that is really into making greener choices, such as travel. Very interesting. They’re promoting some natural, hand-crafted mattresses made by Naturalmat. Fancy fancy! It would be nice to have one of those 🙂 Although, they’re $400! Maybe if we win the lottery 🙂


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