A Tisket a Tasket a Baby in a Basket! (TBNs)

I was getting the cloth diapers off the line today, whilst holding a soft little baby, when I realized I couldn’t carry both basket and baby in at the same time… UNLESS I put the baby in the now-padded laundry basket. Genius. Oh, what’s that? It’s also really cute, and the perfect amount of brightness outside? Where’s my camera?…

Oh, in case you were wondering, TBN=Tasteful Baby Nude.

Started out a little bashful...

A smile hiding behind her arm!

When she's really happy about what's happening, she hides her eyes and smile with her hands. As if she just can't stand how much fun she's having!

"Gah! This is the best!" Apparently, I make the best fart noises in the whole world.

Got a shot of her face FINALLY!

When she starts giggling, I imagine this is the face she'll be making.

Starting to realize how tuckered she is...The climax of her cute little yawns

The yawn dénouement, if you will, a tiny "o" to round it off (no pun intended)

Look how beautiful my eyes are! Also, I love you.

Back to having oodles of fun!

We were starting to get a little hot, so it was time to derobe and continue the photoshoot!

rapper pose. "What. What."

Striking a pose

an "I'm really enjoying everything about this!" picture


The photo shoot was coming to a close...

there were a few more coy little smiles...

one "artistic shot" for no reason (dumb!)

A shot of the toes, because we all love baby feet!

"Ok, Mom, it's time to put the camera down and go inside. I'm getting hungry."

The best sneeze picture EVER! I'm so glad I took a few more pictures.

She makes a really cute "Hmm!" sound when she thinks you're doing something funny (usually a variation on the fart sound. Or Boop-boops!)

Whew. A lot of pictures for you! Enjoy, and we can’t wait for you all to meet Elliott in person!





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