Utah! Pt. 1

We had the joy of traveling to Utah with our adorable little baby this past week to participate in Kevin and Miquelle’s wedding, and we had such a great time visiting our friends and family. The wedding was beautiful and being around old friends and family is always a great feeling. Nothing validates a relationship more than the way you sink back into your dynamic with people you haven’t seen in a year. We definitely felt loved and at home. The only thing that could’ve made our stay more enjoyable would be to have had more time to see everybody, and to eat at our favorite restaurants, and revisit our favorite places. We can’t wait for this summer when we hope to be able to return!

I was so excited for Elliott to meet her aunts and uncles and her cousins. Clara is adorable, and I am glad to have finally met her! I can’t believe it took us a whole year! She has given us many things to look forward to as Elliott gets older and progressively more adorable.

One of the highlights of the trip for Elliott, besides all of the family-love and new faces she was able to stare inquisitively at, was being able to enjoy her first day outside on the soft grass of Utah (unlike the prickly bristles of Arizona yards). She spent most of her time with her aunts and uncles, and squinting in the brighter-than-60 Watt atmosphere.

quality time with Aunt Pamela

Clara and Tod, some daddy daughter bonding


looking like she's enjoying herself

The Fam!

Elliott only ever has one sock on. And she loves Uncle Tod 🙂

We were also able to bless Elliott on Thursday (9.15.2011) in a family-only living room gathering. Elliott slept through the blessing like a sweet little champion.It was really nice; Ryan gave a wonderful blessing, and I can’t wait to see Elliott grow up into the woman she will become. She’s going to be amazing, I can already tell 🙂

We didn’t get any super-flattering pictures of our family, but Elliott always steals the spotlight anyway! Grandma Robbins bought her a sweet little “pearl” bracelet and pink hair bows (that immediately fell out!)


Wearing my dress from when I was a 3 month old. Polka dot.

Looking glamorous

Well, I’m exhausted, so I’ll do this blog post in two parts. Expect wedding talk and pictures tomorrow. Or Wednesday…


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