Fuzzibunz Nightmare

I broke down today and bought that brown Fuzzibunz diaper I’ve been dreaming about–full price, no less!–It’s such a rich, neutral color. I got it out of the package just in time to change Elliott’s current diaper. I lifted up her butt, placed it underneath her, and decided to pause so I could readjust the elastic around her legs.

That pause must’ve relaxed Elliott, because she took that opportunity to poop. A lot. I’ll give Fuzzibunz credit, it didn’t escape the diaper. But, I was heartbroken. All I ever wanted (for the last 30 minutes) was to put that diaper on my baby’s butt. Her cute little butt. Sigh, into the wash pail it went.

Part 2 of the disaster. I take the diaper out of the wash and one of the elastics has come undone and is lost in the diaper! I had to spend four whole minutes fishing it out!

Maybe this has all been a bit dramatic.

I can’t wait to put that diaper on tomorrow…


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