Torture, of the Snot-Sucking Sort

Oh, poor, dear Elliott. I wish the snot would stop living in your sweet little nose. It makes it hard for you to breathe. so we’re forced to choose between letting you struggle for breath, or to suck it out with that medieval torture device, the snot-sucking bulb.

Maybe you hate it so much because the nurses shoved it in your nose and mouth after you were born. Or maybe you think it’s going to suck your brains out. But whatever the reason, it makes you scream and shriek enough to make people think you were being hung upside down by your toes! Of course, you forgive us by the time the aftershock whimpers die down, but I’m still so sad! So, please, baby Elliott, get rid of this snot business. It is no fun.

I recently heard about this nasal aspirator:

One end in baby's nose, and you suck on the other end. Snot goes into filter

Maybe she would hate it less? I guess it’s worth a try! Because, man. Elliott never cries unless she gets overtired, and even then it’s not like this. I thought tired cry was bad until I heard the “You’re torturing me” cry. I have to go outside while Ryan is doing it because it breaks my heart!

We could use any prayers you feel like offering for a baby with free and clear nasal passages 🙂


2 responses

  1. Oh noes!!! Elliott is sick too!!!!! Gahhhhhhhh!! Or at least snotty!!? It makes me so sad. Oliver had snot crazy for two weeks and couldn’t breathe and had to sleep sitting up with me holding up. I pray that she feels better soon and doesn’t have to go through any of that!

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