3 Months and Away!

I can’t believe the changes that our little Elliott has undergone in the last few weeks alone! To think it was just a month or so ago that I was celebrating her smiles, and today I’m celebrating her rolling over from her stomach to her back, and her very first giggle! I mean, I’m not saying my baby is the smartest, funniest, cutest baby in the world. I mean, I wouldn’t say that without empirical evidence, but I got some of that today, so I guess I can say she’s the smartest, funniest, cutest baby in the world. I didn’t get any of it on video though, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Elliott’s actual “birthday” was on the 6th (birthday in quotes because it wasn’t the kind of birthday where you get presents. It was the kind of birthday where your mom dresses you up and makes you roll around outside so she can take pictures of you in decent lighting.) As you can tell from the previous parenthetical sidebar, I took some 3 month old pictures of Elliott. She wasn’t as smiley as she was for her 2 month old pictures in the laundry basket; I think she was going for a mature elegance. A regal, albeit slightly drooly ambivalence. Observe:

I made a headband for the pictures!

Sitting up! With assistance 🙂

No matter what I did I couldn't get her to stop puzzling out the computer screen and just smile!

I crocheted Elliott’s headband in an attempt to slowly wade back into my old hobby. Ryan hated it, but he lost to me in rock paper scissors, so now Elliott can wear headbands anytime I put one on her head. I won fair and square! Eventually I’ll start crocheting little shoes, I found some ADORABLE patterns on Etsy. All I have to do is buy them and get crackin’. I think I’ll practice a little more on headbands first, though.

In closing, I’ve been working on our family’s Halloween costumes today. All I’ll show you is:


Tootles, everyone!


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