Four Months, For Pete’s Sake.

We made it. It’s been four months. We all have all of our limbs, and most of our sanity. Elliott is reaching milestone after milestone. Grabbing toys, laughing at squeakers, bearing weight on her legs, sleeping through the night, blah blah blah. All that stuff!

So, yesterday we took advantage of some evening light, and not-too-cold weather, to take some pictures of her playing in her exersaucer: her new favorite toy (and my new favorite toy).

Also, before you see these pictures, I think I should tell you, Elliott is turning blonde. All of her new hairs are yellows. We’ve come to terms with it 🙂

Yellow HARS!

  • Oooh.. beads…

So, there she is. All grown up at 4 months old.

I made her some cloth diapers today, and it is going very well, except for the fact that I had a deceptively small roll of red thread. It appeared to be much larger than it actually was. So, I will be moving on to cotton-candy blue diapers tomorrow. SO excited! Excited to be making something useful and awesome, and excited not to have to pay $20 for one diaper. Whoop.


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