Elliott Laine Robbins: Eater of Foods, Pooper of Poops

Yesterday was Elliott’s very first meal. A delicious bowl of rice cereal. We were planning on starting her on solids when she turned 6 months, but she’s just been increasingly interested in what Ryan and I are eating: reaching for our food, slapping at our forks while we’re trying to eat and staring at us during meals. So we broke down and borrowed some baby rice cereal from our dear friends John and Jena (who had us over for a DELICIOUS dinner of Cafe Rio quality).

"this is the weirdest bottle ever"


and she ate it like a champion; she got most of it in her mouth.

Today we tried again, with a little thicker consistency. We got out her high chair, and buckled her in. It was a momentous occasion! Her very first meal sitting up in a chair! She devoured the first tablespoon’s worth, and ate a second helping! Although, she didn’t quite grasp the concept of a spoon. She kept grabbing it while I was feeding her and trying to hold it in her mouth, sucking furiously on it. When I’d take it away to put more food on it, she’s look at me like, “Do you want me to eat or not? Why do you keep taking the weird bottle away from me?” It was the best. She is the best, and worth every baffling moment.

Getting excited for her big girl food

This is right before she stuck her hand into the bowl. Note to self: keep bowl away from curious baby.

NOM! Yes, that is rice cereal up her nose.

she liked to hold the spoon while she ate

gnom gnom gnom

ooooh.... big bite

where more food is? We had to stop to make more!

she kept pursing her lips like this before every bite!

mmm nom mmm, apparently I wasn't bringing her another bite fast enough.

All done! What a good snack!

As far as poops are concerned, she’s getting weird. She has never been an everyday pooper, but for the last few months she’s been going 5-10 days between a bowel movement. Then she’ll have tiny poop farts for a couple days and then poop the next day, but it’s really thick dark green poop, like clay patties, and then immediately after she has a normal, mustardy, seedy baby poop. The pediatrician didn’t seemed concerned, but I’m baffled. Any ideas? Again, I’m baffled.


7 responses

  1. its not uncommon for breastfed babies to not poop regularly. All my babies stopped pooping regularly just after 6 weeks (you know when all the colostrum-y stuff is gone from your milk.) One of my kids would poop massive amounts once a week. The others, between every 5-7 days they would poop. As long as she isn’t constipated its all good. You will totally know if she is constipated- she’ll cry and get red in the face and you can tell that trying to clear the system is causing her pain (only had that with one of mine) and you pediatrician can give you some ways to help with that. She’s a cutie that little Elliot!!

    • Thanks, Heather 🙂 I know it’s normal for her to poop on her current schedule, but she just seems to get so frustrated a day or two before, arching her back and fussing/farting a lot. Then the day she does poop she screams and cries trying to get it out, and she gets cold and clammy from all the effort 😦 it’s so sad! But my ped. says it’s fine 😦

  2. So excited about the rice cereal! She is a champ! As far as the poops, rice will stop her up and it sounds like she is already a bit that tendency so what I would do is to get some babyfood prunes and add it to her cereal. You wouldn’t need much because you don’t want her to get too used to the sweet yet but like a teaspoon to a bowl of rice cereal. That should increase her bowl movements and make them a bit more regular.

  3. Emily, you can also do oatmeal instead of rice cereal. We had to do that with Hayden as the rice cereal totally constipated him. Good luck. She is a cutie!

  4. i have some left over baby oatmeal if you want to try it (I forgot to mention but everyone is totally right about the rice being more binding). My ped suggested 2oz of apple juice mixed with 2oz of water for a once a day bottle…the apple juice is supposed to help with the pooping.

  5. hmmm, well we just started the rice cereal on Sunday, and she had a normal poop yesterday. If she starts to seem constipated we’ll switch to oatmeal. I bought a few canisters of Happy Bellies organic baby food, and she seems to like it 🙂 Note to self though: don’t try to feed baby after she’s already tired!

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