Goodbye Ruby Tue…thousand eleven

WOAH! It's 2012?!

Hello 2012 and goodbye 2011! Here is an info-graphic chart overview of our past year, and some pictures of Elliott’s first Christmas. Overall, 2011 was a successful and eventful year. I mean, I had a baby, so. No big deal.

Elliott’s first Christmas was wonderful! She got to experience a Koebbe Christmas Eve (eve) party, and she even opened a few presents on her own! She makes a really awesome face when she’s getting determined or trying to figure something out. She puckers her lips and scrunches them up to her nose. CUTE. She has also started grunting when she gets frustrated, or when she can’t figure something out.

"Figuring it out" face

reading her new book at the Koebbe Christmas party. She got so many wonderful presents!

She is also a pro at sitting on her own, which is her new favorite. It’s all she’s wanted for the last month and now she finally has the freedom to not be on her back or stomach unless someone is holding her. She is free! She’s getting dangerously close to crawling though, so I foresee some baby-proofing in the near future.

Sitting up!

Gah. I uploaded more pictures and wrote more, but wordpress lost it. So, here’s your post for now. I’m sure I’ll get more picture up in a couple of days.


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