Glorious firsts


Elliott has been officially sick for her very first time. Coughing, coughing, sneezing, blowing snot bubbles, coughing, gagging on sinus drainage, waking screaming, fevers, coughing, coughing, coughing. But aside from all the sick stuff, she is still her happy little self, albeit slightly more irritable, not that I’ve taken the opportunity to tease her just to see her frustrated face (brow furrowed, lips pursed=adorable)… heh heh.

But, thanks to this cold I had my very first day as a mommy-tissue. It was glorious! I’ve never NOT been grossed out by people’s snot, but I didn’t even care when I found little traces of Elliott on my shoulder. I’m officially getting into the swing of this “mom” business.

Another not so glorious first was taking Elliott to the Urgent Care after a night of shallow, rapid breathing and a temperature of 104.9. The poor baby had to get a chest x-ray, a catheter and her finger pricked, all just so they could rule out pneumonia. Having to help hold her for all of that was the worst! She knows just how to look at me with that “why aren’t you saving me?” look in her teary little eyes… it’s so heartbreaking! And in the end, no pneumonia, just a virus. We’re still dealing with the coughing and A LOT of snot. But it’s definitely getting better.

We had a little photo shoot that I feel encompasses Elliott’s range of emotion over the past few days. Mostly blank staring, a fair amount of smiles, and a few tears. And, oh, the coughing.

sorry for the blurs. She’s not very still all that often.

This is her, "Oh, is that a glass of water you have there?" face


all because I wiped some snot off her face.

cough coughcan you see the tears in her eyes there? So sad!


She recovered quickly

blank stare

AND a great first: Elliott is officially on the move! She doesn’t quite have all the motions of crawling down yet, but she does a pretty mean “push-up, lunge” move that gets her anywhere she needs to go. To quote Ryan who was so adamant that she learn how to crawl “I don’t like this new mobile Elliott.” Well, you get what you asked for, sir. You get what you pushed and positioned and prodded and asked for! Myself, I love watching her hop around, exploring the world around her. I just spread her toys out and let her work her way over to whichever she’d like to play with. She’s my favorite.

Also, this picture makes her look so long!

on the move!

Here’s a little taste of the glory.



2 responses

  1. Emily I am so sorry that Elliott is sick!! Give her a hug and kiss from her Great Aunt Judy!!! She is so much like you and you know how much I love you!!!! Love you!!!!

  2. 104.9!!! oh my gosh, I’m so glad she’s okay! And I know what you mean about not minding the snot on you. I get super grossed out about everything except anything my baby does. it’s all just wonderful. love, nikki

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