7 Months, On the Move

Elliott is officially 7 months old today, and only 5 months away from her big birthday bash (that I may or may not be going a little overboard on). I can’t believe she’s closer to 1 year than she is being a newborn. I suppose she is officially growing up. Not that I can complain, the past 6 months have been more fun that frustration, I’m just not sure I can give up all the sweet little morning hugs and cuddles for a much-too-smart toddler that can tell me “No!”


Well, the good news is, I got some adorable pictures of her as a growing-up lady. Here she is revisiting her old friend, the laundry basket.This is her new “tired smile” she does it when she’s tired, but she knows you’re making an effort to entertain her. Also, sorry about the denomination of this picture. For some reason, wordpress won’t save it vertically…

why won't you display vertically?

We also had a little photoshoot session today during one of the naps Elliott decided she didn’t want to take. She’s been sleeping like a patoot lately. Our pediatrician advised us to stop swaddling her arms, so now she rolls over onto her stomach and wakes herself up in the middle of the night. A lot. Especially right after I’ve nursed and rocked her for 20 minutes, then walked around for a few to make sure she’s good and asleep, then slowly lowered her into the crib gently bouncing the mattress until her arms relax and fall limply onto the bed, then I pull her blanket up to her chest and tip-toe out of the room, crawl sleepily into my bed, snuggle up under my warm covers, find a really comfortable spot on the mattress……”Waaaaahhhhhh! I’m on my stomach again! Also I peed!”     Dang. It.

Every once in a while she has a night where she’ll sleep 8-10 hours straight, and I’m kind of yearning for one of those right now… Also, I’m pretty sure she can tell when I try to take a nap after putting her down for one of hers. Because as soon as my head touches that pillow she wakes up. She’s still cute though.

Birthday girl!

Playing Peek-a-Boo with Paul

Reading one of her favorite books, "Pat the Bunny"

We moved outside for better lighting, since our house is a cave.

Sun in my eyes! I love her tiny neck!

Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Feeling a little like the hungry caterpillar, I suppose

Reading "Peek a Who?" (thanks, Aunt Mary!)

Moving Around

"I'm crawling!"


All in all, she’s pretty wonderful. Growing up, chasing milestones. She’s crawl-hopping, pinching things with her thumb and fore finger, she loves to stand if you’ll hold her hands, and she’s saying ma ma ma ma, playing peek-a-boo. She loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and singing in general. She also clicks her tongue A LOT, which I hear is pretty common for this age. And she recently become interested in chewing on her pacifier, which keeps her from screaming during car rides=HURRAY!



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  1. She is so adorable and cute!!! I always enjoy your photos and narratives. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Emily. It does mean alot to me to see your beautiful baby grow and develop. I know you are a great Mommy! She is so sweet. Love you!

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