Quiet Book Express

Our friends had a birthday party for their three-year-old on Saturday, and in typical “me” fashion I had an idea for a complex, but awesome birthday present 3 days before the party: a quiet book!

I would like to thank everyone on the internet who has previously made a quiet book. I stole all of your ideas, and made them into a preschool age appropriate book (that can also be enjoyed by 20 and 30-year-olds)

I don’t think I’ve touched, cut, sewed and glued so much felt in my entire life. It was intense, and involved two nights of 3 a.m. bedtimes plus days full of “nap time” trying to get everything put together, but with Ryan’s help, we did it, and it was glorious. The best part about it was how much our little friend loved it! She couldn’t put it down! Her enthusiasm got me excited to make Elliott’s book. I think maybe I’ll wait a few months though… maybe it will be her 1-year present.

The book

Page one: Button-on letters spell her name

Page 2: Today's Weather (sunny, cloudy, rainy.. it doesn't snow in Phoenix)

Page 3: The seasons (flowers=spring, leaves=summer, yellow leaves=fall, bare tree=winter)

Let's get dressed! Page 4, 5

Page 6, 7: MONSTER FACE! Customizable monster face fun (my favorite page...I think)

Page 8, 9: oven with counting cupcakes! The cupcakes go inside the oven door until they're finished cooking, then into the couting wrappers!

Page 10, barn yard fun! Little finger puppets.

Page 11, sequencing page. Snap on icecream scoops, big, bigger, biggest.

Page 12, tying practice. I decided to omit the "lacing" part, because when do kids actualy lace thier shoes?

Well, that’s the end. Here are the links to the books that inspired me (or let me steal all their ideas, really):





Thanks, guys!

As for Elliott, she continues to amaze me. She’s started picking things up with her little thumb and pointer finger, and now she no longer “pats the bunny” she “pinches the bunny.” She’s also saying “mama” now, usually when she wants to be picked up, or when she falls over/needs to be mommy comforted. I have to say it’s my favorite, even thought it usually means she’s sad or has bonked her head on something (yesterday it was a helium tank…ouch).

Here are some pictures of her from the last week, and a video of her favorite game, peek-a-boo:

Her favorite toy at Ikea

Almost got it...


Birthday party goggle score!

I love that at the end of this video she forsakes the game to stare wide-eyed at the phone.

Being a mom is awesome. Even at 6:00 in the morning. (Less awesome than at 8:00, but still pretty great).


5 responses

  1. Hi Emily,
    Great job on the Quiet Book! You can make a couple for my classroom if you want! (hahahahaha)
    I love all the photos of Elliot, but “being a gypsy is my favorite! She is so cute!!
    Love you and miss you,
    Aunt Mary

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