Eight Months, Eight Milestones

I can’t believe it has been eight months since little Elliott first showed us her squishy little face. Granted it was a bit more squished when she was 1 week old; now she’s starting to elongate, and I’m seeing glimpses of the little girl she’s going to become. Her reddish straight/curly-ish hair, her almost-brown eyes, her sweet little mouth and her raspy lounge-singer voice. I can’t wait to hear her talking in sentences! Both for the convenience of a child who has communication tools, and because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the cutest thing ever.

Let’s see. how far have we come in 8 months? Well…

1. She sits up all on her own, only falling down when she insists on having the toy that’s behind her and just out of reach.

2. She has her two bottom teeth, top two are pushing through now too!

3. She has learned to call me Mama, and the manipulation tools that come with it. (What’s that? Mom left you alone to play so she could go to the bathroom and you want her to speed up the process? Just turn on the sad voice, stick out bottom lip, “mama…mama…mama…”, and cue the fastest bathroom break ever. Record timing!)

4. She’s crawling, rampantly across the house, and subsequently trying to eat everything she finds on the floor! I haven’t found anything in her poop yet, so I assume that means I’ve been fairly successful at keeping the fuzzies and and paper bits out of her intestines. She can also go from crawling to sitting, sitting to crawling, and can pull herself up onto her knees.

5. She’s eating solid foods like a champion. She’s had a variety of grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy/protein. Watching that girl eat shredded cheese is my favorite. Now that she’s 8 months she gets to start eating what Ryan and I eat, so she’ll be introduced to some new spices and flavors (how exciting!). Last night she tried a little bit of plain hummus, and was…confused by it.

6. She can stand up, holding on to something, without any help!

7. She says “Bye Bye” and waves goodbye, and she’s starting waving hello when I see her first thing in the morning. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day…

8. And thanks to sleep training, she’s sleeping through the night. Except for last night when she woke up every hour, fussed for 5 minutes and fell back asleep. But, she’s constipated, so I understand. Poor baby!

Elliott has been the best baby I could’ve ever asked for. She’s always happy and smiling, she takes everything in stride. She’s empathetic and funny, she’s curious and determined. I can’t wait to see how these traits, so small and new, develop within her as she grows into a little woman. And I can’t can’t can’t can’t wait for her to start signing to me! We’ve been working on signs for a couple months now, and I expect to see her start signing back by 10 months. Sigh. Two more potential months of waiting.

We’re still working on sleep training. I still hate it when she cries, it’s absolutely the worst, but it’s getting less and less. She only cries for about 3 minutes before naps now, and about 15 before bed. She never takes longer than 15 minutes to get to sleep, which is great, although it feels like an eternity to listen to her cry that long.

But here she is, my happy girl:

First time going down a slide on her own


Daddy's hat!


Standing up, doing laundry.


Pst, Elliott...that's not how you play a drum.


She outgrew her baby bathtub, and has graduated to the big person tub.


Her first headband!


She always rolls over on her side and grabs her butt to look behind her. Hilarious.


loving her swing.


First shorts of the summer!


"Look, Mom! I'm standing up all by myself!"


mmmm.... Cheese





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