A Sunny Day

Lately Elliott has taken to exploring the range and capacity of her vocal chords at all hours of the day. Sometimes, our little house just isn’t big enough to hold all of that…music.

Today was one of those days, but fortune had blessed us with a beautiful day and a nice shady spot in the backyard. So, Elliott and I ventured out for some reading and playing, while soaking up some Vitamin D and a wonderful change of scenery.


She soon discovered that there was something green and pokey under our blanket. Thus ensued her exploration of grass.

Look at those upper gums/almost teeth!

She’s starting to try to figure out this toy. She hasn’t gotten the ball in the top yet, but she’s trying!

Ooooh… Mom found a rose for me to study…

She plucked all the leaves off, one-by-one, then tried to eat them.

My big girl can get up onto her knees all by herself!

She’s also getting really good at blowing raspberries.

Ryan came outside for some cute Daddy-Baby time.

Using Daddy’s arms to stand up!

“I did it!”

Cheesing hard for the photo. Psst…you’re holding that book upside down…

“Hey…Lemme get that camera thing.”

In news of developments,Β  Elliott currently has 2.5 teeth, with another 1.5 on the way (causing Elliott much distress!) and then 2 more threatening to come in the next month or so. Also, our big news is that Elliott is now pulling up to standing and beginning to explore the world of cruising. She especially loves climbing Mt. Mommy or Daddy when we’re sitting/lying on the floor. This has opened up a whole world of new games, right when all the old games were starting to get tired. Perfect timing, as usual, Elliott πŸ™‚


As far as Ryan and I, we’re doing great. For those of you who didn’t know, Ryan had the opportunity to apply for a full-time lecturer position at ASU, and initially we were excited for him to apply. We were a little blinded by dollar signs. But, luckily there were complications with the way the job was posted and it was delayed, allowing us to reflect on the consequences of taking such a position, and we decided it would be best for Ryan to just push forward and complete his degree in the next two years. So, our current trajectory has Ryan completing his coursework/all pre-dissertation work by May ’13. Then Ryan will apply for a Fullbright scholarship and we will spend the next school year (August 2013 to May 2014) in Taiwan, where Ryan can study under a mentor who will help him with his dissertation. I am so excited to travel again. I can’t wait to live in Taiwan, and see little Elliott pitter-pattering around the Taiwanese streets! It’s going to be awesome. Then Ryan will complete his dissertation and we’ll start job hunting.

But that’s all future stuff. Right now we’re wrapping up a relaxing Spring Break, full of friends and family. We were lucky enough to get to spend time with Chris and Debbie for an extended weekend, and we got to see Heather as well before she went back to Utah at the end of a business trip. Elliott sure loves her Robbins family! I’m pretty sure Heather is one of her top 5 favorite people, judging by the way she reacted to seeing her on Thursday πŸ™‚

Well, thanks for reading, hopefully it won’t be so long between quality posts next time. I can promise an Easter post for sure πŸ™‚ We have to get pictures of Elliott in the gorgeous Easter dress Grandma Robbins bought her!



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  1. Jealous of your grass! Love the word “music.” Danny T’s latest vocal experiment is a gaspy-wheezy noise. I thought he was dying of croup or something until I realized he was doing it at will. Kids, trying to give us heart attacks, they are!

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