My Incredulous Nine-Month-Old

Since our last blog post, little Elliott has become an enthusiastic cruiser. If there’s something to stand up next to, she’s there, standing up next to it, shaking her butt. She’s started dancing all the time. She pulls herself up, and does a victory dance. She grabs something off the couch (that was previously put there to be out of reach) and she does a victory dance and then promptly sticks that something into her mouth.

We celebrated her first nine-month day with a trip to the doctor’s office. It was only a well-check, and it turns out she’s doing quite well! She’s 20lbs and 29.175 inches, which puts her back up in the 75th percentile for weight :::party noises::: and 95th for height. She had me worried at her last appointment when she dropped to the 55th percentile, but it looks like it was only a fluke! Although I still constantly worry that she’s not getting the right/enough nutrition. But I’m a mom, and I probably only worry because I know I’m not getting enough nutrition. Sigh.

Target put a bike trailer on sale this week, so, after several failed attempts at a Craigslist purchase over the last couple of months (C’mon people. Take down the listing after you sell. It’s common craigslist courtesy!) we decided to take Target up on their offer. Ryan immediately got to work setting up the trailer and hooking it up to his bike, and took Elliott for a little spin around the neighborhood. I can’t wait for family bike rides and picnics. It’s gonna be a great summer! Anyway, I took a thousand pictures of Elliott while Ryan was outside setting it up. I captured several occasions of her making her new “incredulous” face. She scrunches up her little nose and furrows her brow, mouth agape in “huh?” fashion. Sometimes, this is accompanied by pointing at something. I want to squeeze her until I explode with happiness! She is the most hilarious baby.

“Ahhh! You got me!”



Conducting a symphony. “I need more from the trumpets!”



I love ugly pictures of cute babies.


"It's so beautiful..."

Not quite getting the “standing up” thing.

Cute baby cheese. White trash porch.


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