It’s not summer until the pool comes out

Yesterday was the perfect day for a swim. The sun was sunny, the swimming suit was clean, and the inside of the house was BORING.  I had the foresight to put a few inches of water in the pool when we woke up, and by the time she woke up from her late morning nap, it was time to swim! Once we got past the torture of sunscreen and putting on the swimming suit, the swimming pool was bliss. Elliott splashed around, walking the circumference of the pool and playing with her ducks for about half an hour.

She also made her new “kissy face” almost constantly, so I finally got some good pictures of the elusive lips!

I think this is going to be a fun summer. We’re signing up for swimming lessons on Saturday, and they should start in June. By the end of the summer we’ll be floating/kicking/bubble blowing champions 🙂


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