Summer Romper

First things first, look at these steely gray eyes:

Elliott is officially 10 months old this week, and she is getting so smart. I can’t pull anything over on her anymore! This morning I tried to hide my phone by putting it under a bunch of laundry when she wasn’t really looking, but she must’ve seen my hand move away from the laundry, because she immediately cruised over to the pile (that as on the couch) and reached her little arms and started throwing items of clothing on the floor in a frantic dig. Actually, the obsession with my phone is getting pretty intense. Sometimes I give in and let her hold it with the image gallery open on the screen, but while I’m getting the pictures open she gets loudly frustrated. It would be better if I had a video, but I’ll try to describe it to you. She tenses her whole body until she shakes and clenches her jaw while grunt-yelling at me. INTENSE.

She currently has 6 teeth; four on top, 2 on the bottom

She stands up by herself without holding on to anything, but when we try to get her to take a step toward our arms, she just free falls forward, assuming we’ll catch her. So much trust… especially to place in her father…

She cruises along anything she can stand next to, including our kitchen chairs. She’ll push one of our kitchen chairs around so she can walk with it. I have to say that sometimes it’s unsettling to look over at her and she her head so high above the ground.

She’s started refusing to eat baby food, so we’ve moved almost exclusively to finger foods and slightly mashed versions of our food. She really loves black bean soup mashed up with avocado (it’s pretty delicious), and she really loves apple slices, but once she’s eaten off enough of it she sticks the whole thing in her mouth. Actually she sticks a lot of things in her mouth, like huge chunks of bread, whole crackers. Her eating includes a fair amount of gagging.

And her sense of humor is really taking off. She thinks a lot of things are funny, which is great for me because I thrive on her smiles.

Here she is in a little striped romper. I figure the flower makes it clear that she’s a girl, so there’s no social confusion.


(crouching baby, hidden ducky)

(there’s that winning smile!)

(taking a lounge)

So, as you can tell, she’s still putting things into her mouth CONSTANTLY. As soon as she knocks that out we can start the exciting world of homemade play doughs and finger paint!

In other news, Ryan was offered another job through the university. It’s another lecturer position, but it’s only for a year (therefore he’s not locked into anything). What’s happened is the second year Professor is retiring, so the first year Chinese teacher is moving up to teach second year, leaving the first year open. So, they are bringing Ryan in to completely re-vamp and remodel the first year program (Ryan’s dream come true!), which he’ll do this summer, and then he’ll be teaching four classes, twice a week, and he’ll be in charge of all the TAs who will be teaching along side him. This is all about 90% likely to go through, but with ASU’s funding you never know. Aside from the funding, though, we’ve decided Ryan should take the job, should it really exist. Hurray!

As for me… well I’m just excited to have Elliott’s 1 year birthday party in a couple months. I’m busy as a bee combing Pinterest and trying to come up with cute birthday ideas. All in all, I’m doing GREAT.

Until next time!


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