11 Months, my Adventuring Companion

Elliott is now officially 11 months old, even though I’ve been telling people she was for about two weeks now. It blows my mind that she’s going to be a year old in 26 days. Also, realizing that I only have 26 days to throw her party together is terrifying. I’m no good at party-throwing stress. I’m putting together a little 3 couple soiree this weekend and I had a nightmare about it last night. “The guests will be arriving in 10 minutes and I haven’t hung the decorative tea lights!”

Anyway. Elliott is hilarious, and a genius. She’s started signing! FINALLY. Her first sign was “book,” then “milk,” followed by her first instance of “eat/hungry” tonight. It’s so cute to watch her sign; she gets so excited about it. Her favorite things this month are putting small things inside of larger things (and occasionally yelling at me to get them out for her), walking all over the place like a champion(!), eating butter garlic noodles, giving kisses and hugs, swimming lessons (she’s really great at swimming; it really surprised me how much she loves the water), and walking around with her tongue sticking out of her mouth (see, Mom! It’s genetic!)

First things first: The WALKING

She’s about 1,000 times better at walking now, and way less angry about it, but that is the only video I’ve taken 🙂

Elliott sharing. She loves to share everything. Her food, her toys, her slobber.

Curly hair

All I had to do was stick out my tongue at her, and I got all these great shots:


Getting tired of the camera

And, I know it’s really blurry, but this is the only smile picture I got!

We also loved spending time with Grandma Hudson this past week. She flew in for a visit on the 31st and left us on the 6th. It was a great week! Elliott LOVED her Grandma. She couldn’t get enough hugs, and she couldn’t stop smiling. It was an easy-going, awesome week, and we were sad to see Mom go.

Grandma let Elliott play with her computer, which made her Elliott’s favorite person.

And now for talk of ADVENTURES!

Earlier this month Elliott and I enjoyed a free trip to the Phoenix Children’s Museum. It’s a quaint little museum with lots of individual, fun exhibits. I mean, obviously it pales in comparison to the St. Louis Children’s Museum. And I’m not saying that out of pompous pride for my hometown; the St. Louis Children’s museum is totally, most definitely the coolest place I’ve ever been. EVER. It has realistic caverns for exploring,  all kids of tunnels and climbing places, it has a Ferris wheel on the roof, a fun-house and a circus, and it even has a thrift store on some of the top floors. Totally, totally awesome.

But, the PHOENIX children’s museum was fun. It’s based more around learning, so Elliott only got to experience parts of it, or didn’t really get the point of some of the exhibits, but there were other kids there to play with, and that’s all she cared about.

All I cared about was how freakin’ adorable she looked pushing around this baby-sized shopping cart, grabbing empty boxes of Zataran’s.


Our most recent adventure was a trip to the Aquarium. Now, allow me to preface this part of the blog by saying that Elliott loves–no–LOVES birds. So, I figured she would enjoy seeing brightly colored fish move around, over under and all around her. I was wrong. She was so nervous the whole time. She kept frantically trying to climb higher on my shoulders, gripping my neck in panicked death-hugs. About halfway through she kind of came around to it. (Phew, $15 not totally wasted).

Ok, that’s been our life for the last month. I promise to be more diligent in posting more often. Both for your enjoyment and my time-management.


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