Adorable (?) Aggression

Lately my sweet cuddle-pie has taken on a playfully aggressive attitude towards her parents.

But, I don’t want to start the post on a low note, so first I’ll post some cute pictures of Elliott from this month:

(morning cuddles with daddy)

First scribble EVER! She’s like a little Picasso.

From the day of our first LENA recording

Fish lips

Ok, now on to the tale of woe.

Imagine going in to a dimly lit room to pick up your sweet, just-woke-up and whimpering little babe, who immediately hugs her arms around your neck and snuggles her head down onto your shoulder. You think, “Ah, this is why I became a mommy.” You walk rhythmically over to the rocking chair, gently lower yourself down (despite the immense pain radiating through your legs from that killer workout yesterday) and settle in to rocking your delicate angel until she lifts her head to smile that bright, beaming smile at you.

She lifts her head, she grins and begins to babble, you turn the lights up and commence playful tickles and cuddles. Everything seems to be going well, then WHAM! Baby grabs a fistful of your flesh. Make that TWO fistfuls. Now she grabs your mouth and scratches your face in her zealous outburst. As the whirlwind of excitement really gets going, she starts drumming on your chest, and making what I like to call “crazy face.”

These little outbursts have started happening more frequently. I chalk it up to a lot of built up energy. She’s had Roseola for the last week, which involved 2 full days of fever-sleepy baby, and then 2 full days of not-able-to-leave-the-house-contagious-baby.

This was day one of the rash, it got worse the next day. WOOF.

(I just want to squish that little chubby tummy…)

The last two days have been the worst, because although she was covered in an unsightly rash, she felt like she was back to normal; unfortunately, we couldn’t really go out for playdates, or other activities around kids because we didn’t want to pass on the delightful infection.

So, our method for dealing with it, is to take her hands gently, and say, “No, no. Be soft, be gentle,” and to gently touch her hands to our faces, or wherever she was grabbing/smacking. She’s to the point where she responds to us saying “be soft” by touching softly without us manually moving her, but she goes right back to hitting afterwards. I think this is going to be a long, slightly frustrating process. This week we’re going to try removing her from us when she starts to hit, telling her it hurts mommy or daddy, and then give her a minute or two on her own before we give her access to play with us again. Kind of a modified time-out, I suppose. I think I’m going to try to teach her to shake out her extra energy, or to hug herself really tight when she feels all wound up. SOMETHING OTHER THAN SCRATCHING ME. ARRRRRRG. CURSE THOSE TINY, UNBELIEVABLY SHARP FINGERNAILS!

It’s mostly frustrating because she’s not doing it to be mean, she just has these bursts of energy that she doesn’t know what to do with, and she doesn’t really have a lot of outlets yet; she can’t run around or shake around. So we’re stuck trying to figure out how best to help her redirect.

One good thing is that she’s not aggressive towards other people or kids, just Ryan and I. But, I suppose that’s our lot as parents. We get all the cuddles and all the beatings.

In cute news, she’s getting really good at her signs. She knows “book,” “milk,” “eat,” “yes,” “no,” and “all done.” She’s trying to make the sign for “bird,” but she can’t quite grasp the idea of moving one finger at a time, so she just makes the sign for milk, haha.

And she likes to dance/shake her head all around.



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