Elliott and The Fam/ Fourth of July

It has been an absolute JOY to watch Elliott get familiar with and come to love her Robbins family these last couple of days. She has three stages of introduction:

1. Cling to Mom, look a little nervous/suspicious

2. Give a shy smile, maybe a little wave, bury her face in my neck and clasp her hands like she just can’t stand how much fun she’s having

3. Fall openly in love, throw herself into the new person’s arms, become much to comfortable grabbing and wiping food on them.

So far she has fallen in love with everyone she’s met, and much to her cousins’ chagrin, she is infatuated with them. Her poor cousins Clara and William live in fear of my little monster; she doesn’t quite know how to control her grabbing/swatting reflexes yet.
We have been having a blast with everyone, though. Going out to lunch, watching movies, playing music and shooting off fireworks! It’s so nice to be around family.

Here are some highlights from the 4th! I took about a hundred pictures today, so I’ll have to post more later. But for now, enjoy this handful of goodies.

Elliott’s First Firework:

First Firework Terror


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