Utah Fun!

Well, we’re still in Utah and we’re still having a blast! It’s so good to spend time with family everyday and to visit all of our old favorite places. We’ve been keeping busy at a moderate pace; trips to Provo every now and then, and a couple trips into Salt Lake. And all of my favorite memories have been watching Elliott charm her way into the hearts of all of our friends and relatives. She truly knows how to turn a smile, and with a quirk of her head she can convince you that you love her, from her messy curls down to her pudgy little marshmallow feet. Such a sweet girl.




Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time with Ryan’s brother Kevin and his wife Miquelle. Elliott loves them, we love them; it’s been a BLAST! Today they took us to see The Dark Knight Rises (Elliott stayed home with Grandma, of course!) and it was a nail-biter. I’d recommend it.

I can’t believe how Elliott has grown. She’s trying to communicate, and she has started using her signs to tell me what she wants. Yesterday she saw a dog and excitedly signed it over and over again. She does the same for her bottle and birds. I can’t wait for her to start talking. It’s going to be adorable.

Well, that is all! Until next time…



2 responses

  1. Aw, little Elliott. How cute! Those skeleton jammies are to die for. (No pun intended.) So awesome. But yeah it’s time for you to come back now. Derek and I are whining that you guys are still gone.

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