Sensational September!

I know it’s been at least a month since there’s been a post of substance, and I blame that completely on my dedication to Elliott’s well-being, and my recent re-discovery of my love for Zelda: Skyward Sword.

To make it up for you, here are some of the things Elliott has learned in the last few weeks:

This month has been awesome, despite my lack of updates! It started off with a bang, or rather, a surprise 5 hour drive into San Diego. I twisted Ryan’s arm, packed up the baby and we drove to California with our good friends the Arnetts and their son, Liam, who is about Elliott’s age. We swam in our resort pool, ate amazing French food, saw some cool animals at the San Diego Zoo, and danced in the waves at La Jolla beach.

Pictures in chronological order!

A view of the pool from our room

Cafe Chloe!


Ryan & Elliott, Ashley & Liam, checking out the hippos

Family picture on the brass San Diego hippo sculpture

@ La Jolla Beach

She was really freaked out by the sand at first

Daddy made her feel safe enough to explore the water

Playing w/Mom and Liam

This is my favorite picture of Elliott from the whole summer…

The beach was busy!

The rest of the month has been really great as well. Ryan started his job as a full-time lecturer, in charge of the First Year Chinese program at ASU. He is loving the position, and is acclimating to the new kinds of stresses and responsibilities. He even got his own office!

I have some news as well, I’ve been hired on as a writer for the Arizona Beehive, and while I probably won’t be writing in every issue they publish, it’s good to know for sure that I’ll be paid if I do write an article for them 🙂
Elliott is becoming so specifically wonderful. She’s always been a little love bug, but now she’s developing quirks and idiosyncrasies that make her all the more adorable. For example: She insists on being the one to take off her diaper for a diaper change. She absolutely ALWAYS takes the stairs up her favorite slide two at a time. She has a very specific order in which she would like you to read her books before bed, and if she says she’s finished eating what that really means is “I want to feed myself now” or “I want you to chase me around and stick food in my mouth while I play. Enough of this High Chair business!”

All-in-all, this month has been completely normal. Or as normal as my life has been since Elliott came into it so forcefully and beautifully. That is to say, my life is anything BUT normal (whatever that means anyway). My days are filled with incandescent moments of unexplainable joy, and all the thrills of running down a mountain with an avalanche on your heels: Everything around you looks so beautiful, but you know if you stop running or if you fall down, you’re going to be pummeled. We’ve fallen down a few times this summer, but we always get back up and back in front of the rocks somehow. And we always remind ourselves, if nothing ever sucked, we wouldn’t be able to tell when it was amazing.

We love you all, and to my family in St. Louis, we can’t wait to see you soon! Ryan will be sad at home alone (on his birthday no less!) but he’s graciously given Elliott and I a guilt-free pass, so we can enjoy our time with our family!


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