Carousels, Cousins and Cookies: Oh My!

These last few days have been absolutely packed full of happiness. Despite being hundreds of miles away from Ryan, my family has made Elliott and me feel completely comfortable and loved. Granted, I’ve really missed Ryan, not only as a second parent who plays a very supportive role in the raising of our daughter (I need my bath time breaks!) but as a friend who listens to all of my chatter! I can’t wait to see him again in two days. And I am eagerly anticipating Elliott’s reaction to seeing her daddy for the first time in a week!

After our October-tastic trip to Rombach’s, we got a night full of sleep, and woke early in the morning to head out to the St. Louis Zoo! What’s that? The St. Louis Zoo is the best Zoo ever, and it’s free? The children’s zoo with the zoo is even free until 10 a.m.! So wonderful. We met up with Aunt Jan, Uncle Dave and Nikki+her darling daughter Brynn. Elliott really loves her cousin! It’s too bad we all live so far away; I think Elliott and Brynn would be BFF’s growing up (once Elliott gets over her slapping phase). Anyway, the petting zoo was a huge hit, the goats got a lot of hugs and the chickens got chased a lot. Elliott thought both things were equally as enjoyable.

Halloween at the Zoo!


Children’s Zoo guinea pigs



hugging the goats with Brynn 🙂




cheesing hard for the camera


on the train with our cousins!


checking out the animals at The River’s Edge


Elliott had some tunnel anxiety, so I went through with her (ow)




Elephant pose


The carousel was soooooo much fun! Music, lights and movement. All of Elliott’s favorite things.


The penguin house was wonderful!


This penguin was a show off! He splashed us with that awesome, fishy poop water.


o, overall the Zoo was amazing and didn’t disappoint in any way.

This weekend was the Koebbe women’s “Goddess Weekend 2012.” This year all of the girl cousins were invited (plus baby Wyatt, representin’ the Koebbe males). I will be posting pictures and a full report when I can gather a few more minutes.


This trip has been a blast!


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  1. I am so glad for you, Elliott and especially your parents!!!! I know your mom is so happy having y’all there!!!! I am a bit jealous!! Love ya!!!!

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