An Imaginationatoriumarama

On Saturday, while Ryan was entertaining some local youths with a rousing game of Hero Quest, I took Elliott on an impromptu drive to Phoenix. Part of what made this trip so awesome, was that Elliott doesn’t hate car rides anymore. In fact, she reads books out loud to herself, and occasionally tells me a little joke that goes something like this, “MA! MAH! JERBLE BURGNG PERBBLE BUB UBUB BLOIKLE, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Sometimes I look back there and she’s put a book on top of her head, and looks really proud of herself. I think everything she does is hilarious. It’s probably good for her self-esteem.

Anyway, we went to a little place called Imagination Avenue. It was really fun, actually. It’s a single room, basically, with 9 different small-kid-sized buildings, like a Home Depot, a Hospital, a House, a School, a Fire/Police station, and there’s even a little prison, haha. They had Little Tykes police cars and trucks for Elliott to drive around in, and all of the buildings had clothes to dress up in and different tools, etc to play with. It was entertaining enough for Elliott to love everything for a whole hour and still not want to leave when they closed, so we will be going back. I took pictures of our adventures. They tell a pretty gripping tale. I hope you enjoy.

It started out as a normal day. Just doing some work around the house.


Then she went to school.

Chalk is NOT delicious.


Then, on her way home she decided to stop by the local animal hospital. She loves dogs a lot, so I’m sure she was hoping to pet one. Only one problem, they wouldn’t let her in to see the puppies! But being the problem-solver she is, she decided to impersonate a vet, and therefore roam the hospital freely.


But, wouldn’t you know it? One of the other doctors called her out! She was totally busted. Like, TOTALLY.

She had to get out of there, fast! She ran outside and jumped in the first car she saw.

Even with the help of a high-pitched, local giant, she couldn’t get the car started, so she took off on foot.

She tried to hide out at the local Home Depot for a while, impersonating a worker in the lumber department.

But it was pretty obvious she didn’t work there when she couldn’t even tell an old lady the difference between pine and MDF. Come on! By this time the police were on to her, and they cornered her in the parking lot, dragging her off to jail for impersonating a doctor, a wood-worker, and attempting to steal a car.

Little Elliott took a long, hard look out from behind those steel bars, and decided to reform her life… right after her prison break.

In a final act of youthful defiance, she stole a police car and drove away.


All in all, it was a day full of excitement 🙂


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