Where have we been? What have we been doing? These are all questions I’m sure you’ve been asking yourselves in the absence of our blog. Well, fear not, for I have the answers! Unfortunately, it’s been like… 6 months, so in lieu of wasting my entire night pouring tedious details into this post, suffice it to say we have been growing.

Bigger, bigger, biggerest.

She's going places.

She’s going places.

IMAG0149 IMAG0150 IMAG0151 IMAG0177 IMAG0182 IMAG0183

Elliott has been growing in a thousand different ways and she blows my mind, like, every five minutes. Take a break, ok kid? I mean, stop talking so much, stop counting to two (not super impressive, haha, but I think it’s cool), stop naming all the blue and yellow things in the room and for the love of Petey (stuffed penguin) STOP GETTING SO TALL AND BEAUTIFUL! Ryan and I have been brainstorming ways to keep her from dating until college. Why no dating until college you ask? Simple. Grade school should be spent making the most of the time when it’s acceptable to go nuts on a playground, middle school should be spent pining for a ridiculous celebrity you will be ashamed of in five years (mine were Nick Carter and Jim Carrey), and high school should be full of really awesome friends, road trips, sweaty rock concerts and cheesy dances where you can fast dance to 80s soft rock and eat dry store-bought brownies. And dating RUINS ALL THINGS AWESOME. Plus it leads to really melodramatic song-writing, depressing poetry and embarrassing paintings. Duh.

So far Elliott is:

19 months old

34.75″ tall

24 lbs

Elliott loves:

gummy vitamins (she knows she gets two, and will call you out if you stiff her that last gummy)

reading books

silly dancing with daddy

horsey rides

Great Play

making new friends at the park

fastening and unfastening buckles, Velcro, buttons, zippers, etc



Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Wall-e and Ratatouille (and she will ask for them by name)

splashing in and pouring water

tickle monsters


mommy/daddy/Elliott group hugs

fist bumps/high fives

Indian food






Ok, I think she likes everything, come to think of it. Maybe I should’ve started making a list of things she doesn’t like. Which is, not getting to watch movies of herself on my phone AT ALL TIMES, being told she has to sit down and eat, keeping her shoes on in the car, and being told not putting her feet on EVERYTHING.

Oh, and she can do this:

As for Ryan and I, we just keep trying to remind ourselves that we’re going to be having another baby in 5 1/2 months. This pregnancy has been far overshadowed by Elliott’s vivaciousness, and I’m not showing yet, so every couple of days we have a “Oh, yeah, I’m totally pregnant” moment. Ok, I have those moments. I’m sure Ryan’s are more like “Oh yeah, there’s a baby in there.” Or something more clever. The baby has been kicking, noticeably for the last 5 weeks now, so I’ve been enjoying the little bumps and wiggles. I’ve been trying to make a point to say hello to the baby when I notice him/her. You know, so he/she doesn’t get lonely in there.

We’re having our ultrasound on Monday. Any thoughts on gender? Whoever guesses right gets the right to say they can predict gender in unborn humans!


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