Baby No. 2

We braved the Fetal and Women’s Imaging Center with Elliott this morning, and got our first peek at the smallest member of our family. The little babe was quite a wiggler from the very beginning, although, I could’ve warned the ultrasound tech about that. This baby is a MOVER. Baby number two has two feet, two hands, a “beautiful heart,” and a good-looking brain. I’m sure all of the other organs were in place, because the lady didn’t make any sounds of alarm while checking them out.

I’m sure you’re all anxious to know the gender…

Well, Ryan and I wanted to find out, but we didn’t want to share our moment with a stranger who was rubbing goo all over my abdomen in a dark room. So, we had her mark on a card, boy or girl, and put the picture of his/her baby bits in the envelope with the card so we could see it when we could react without any stranger anxiety.

We barely made it out to the car! And Ryan almost couldn’t wait for me to buckle Elliott in and get myself situated 🙂 But, we got our peek, and we’re pleased to announce:

It's OfficialEPSON MFP image

Girl EPSON MFP image

Feet, Face (profile)

IMG_2756 IMG_2763 IMG_2767

We’re so excited to welcome another wonderful little lady into our home!


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