A Fine Motor Day

Today was spontaneously full of fine-motor activities. On one hand it was because taking Elliott in public while she’s teething/trying to learn how to appropriately assert her independence, is a nightmare. A 10-minute-long-screaming-temper-tantrum-while-standing-in-line-at-Michaels-because-I-wouldn’t-let-her-eat-a-Lindt-truffle-NIGHTMARE. One the other hand, it’s good for her development, right?

Today was pom pom sorting (and baking, according to Elliott):

IMAG0389_BURST002 IMAG0392_BURST004 IMAG0390_BURST002 sorting pom poms

And Elliott’s take on the situation: http://youtu.be/xoF0CWpciqI

Watching her hold her other hand beneath the spoon to catch any spills just makes my heart melt. I don’t even know why. This girl is obsessed with cake, by the way. Although, at her behest I made one the other day (frosting from scratch, even!) and she was kind of ambivalent about it. She didn’t even finish her piece before she ran off to do something else! Respect that cake, Elliott. Put it all in your mouth before you run off to hammer the walls with your plastic hammer!

Our other fine motor skill today was a first attempt at cutting on her own with toddler safety scissors:


I was really impressed by her ability to manipulate the scissors. She had a hard time figuring out how to hold them, but once I helped her get them on the correct fingers she dove right in to that construction paper! Snipping away as she mused, “Cut, cut, cut. I cutting!” Ryan says she was born to scrapbook. I say I just paid $3 for hours of future quiet cutting-concentration.

That’s all for Elliott today. Ryan and I are doing well. Ryan is in week two of a slow recovery from a cholecystectomy, and I’m 7+ months into this pregnancy! Which means Ryan and I are both exhausted and uncomfortable, and poor Elliott is going a little stir crazy. But we’re hanging in there!

Ryan is in full-Summer mode. He’s teaching his Summer course in the evenings and taking a French for Reading class so he can pass the French translation requirement for his PhD. I’m nesting like crazy and have made two donation trips to Goodwill since this pregnancy started. I recently purged my closet and storage of anything I haven’t worn since we’ve lived in Chandler. It was time for it all to move on to a new owner. My next goal is to rearrange all of the furniture in our room to make a space for our co-sleeping newcomer. I’d also like for the closets to be organized and for all of the toys to have a place to be put so I don’t have to see them all day… we’ll see what we can accomplish.

Next blog: Elliott’s birthday party! It’s not until June 22, so don’t hold your breath or anything…


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