Elliott turned two last Saturday, and we celebrated as a family by taking her to California Pizza Kitchen for a free pizza/dessert. Elliott picked the pepperoni pizza (naturally). Now, Elliott thinks that eating pizza means it’s someone’s birthday, and when she wants pizza she says “It’s birthday! Get Pizza? Happy birthday!” Well, played, Elliott.

IMAG0463_BURST004Mmmmmm… birthday pizza. Ahhhh. Her tiny little hands holding that slice of pizza are KILLING me. I want to bite all of her fingers off. OM! OM! OM!

IMAG0459Cheesin’ with Mommy

IMAG0457_BURST008I love how unfiltered the joy looks in this picture, haha.

IMAG0464_BURST001BIRTHDAY ICE CREAM SUNDAY! Elliott would only pick the chocolate chips off and eat them. She wouldn’t even eat the ice cream! I blame Jena Nagamine for introducing her to sprinkle toast, her new favorite obsession 🙂

A few weeks before Elliott’s actual birthday “day” we had a party with some friends and  food and games. It was delightful! We went with a circus theme, because Elliott loves animals, and she is a monkey! There were plenty of circus-y treats, including cotton candy, which was a big hit with the kiddos. Overall, I think everyone had a good time. I know Elliott had a blast, and all of the toddlers played nicely–no screaming, hitting or crying! We did it! Birthday party success.

(Photos courtesy of my friend Kaylie Garder, Creative Me photography)

DSC_0466-1 DSC_0451-1 DSC_0438-1 DSC_0436-1 DSC_0433-1 DSC_0431-1 DSC_0430-1 DSC_0421-1 DSC_0416-1 DSC_0414-1 DSC_0413-1 DSC_0411-1 DSC_0401-1 DSC_0373-1 DSC_0317-1 DSC_0313-1 DSC_0309-1 DSC_0304 DSC_0303-1

(Following photos courtesy of my cell phone)Hargrove Photo IMAG0436_BURST005 IMAG0435_BURST002 IMAG0434_BURST002 IMAG0423_BURST002 IMAG0422_BURST002 IMAG0420_BURST002 IMAG0419_BURST002 IMAG0418_BURST002 IMAG0417_BURST002 IMAG0416_BURST002


I can’t believe Elliott is actually two. I’ve been saying “She’s almost two” for so long now, that it feels strange to say “She’s two.” I feel like that sentence should have more syllables.  In other news, we moved the rocking chair out of Elliott’s room today so I can have a place to nurse Vivian all night long, and it made me really sad. My baby isn’t “the baby” anymore. She’s growing up and using language and her face to manipulate me… It’s amazing and I love her.

Only 12 more days until our family is scheduled to increase by one!



2 responses

  1. Hi Emily!
    Happy Birthday to your sweet, adorable daughter! I always love looking at all the photos you post! Thanks for keeping us updated! It looks like Elliott had a fun party! You do sooo many wonderful things for her. You are such a good mommy! Love,
    Aunt Mary

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