It Begins

Almost one month into this “mother-of-two” thing, and I think I’m pretty damn good at it. Ok, I’m not GREAT at it. But it’s only been three weeks! (Then again, it’s only been three weeks…)

Pros: Cuddly baby, helpful toddler, extra time spent with Ryan, watching Elliott hold/kiss/smoosh her “baby sisters!”, nursing a sweet little chubby baby, guilt-free couch/movie time, guilt-free take-out, all the love in the whole universe!

Cons: Juggling a newborn and toddler sleep schedule, less patience with Elliott (especially when both of the girls are crying=insta-hulk-out), trying and failing at keeping Elliott busy and satisfied all day, moderate sleep deprivation*, it’s too hot to take both girls outside!

*Vivian is kind of the ideal baby. She sleeps a good 4-5 hours in her first stretch, then usually wakes up every 3 hours until I get out of bed around 8:30/9. Sometimes she wakes up with me, other times I just put her in the cradle and she sleeps for another hour or so while I play with Elliott in the mornings. So, I’m only kind of sleep deprived. And really, I’m just sleep-interrupted.

Even though juggling schedules is hard, sometimes the stars align, and Vivian sleeps while Elliott is awake in the afternoon, and we get some good outside play time. The other day I put my Pinterest boards where my hoarders-pile is, and made this homemade soda-bottle sprinkler for m’lady. It was a hit!

Summer 2013014 Summer 2013013 Summer 2013011

Elliott is also a big fan of “bocycles” (or, popsicles, for those of you unversed in two-year-old). So, we get to eat many an otter pop out on the porch swing. It’s one of my favorite Elliott+Mommy pastimes.Summer 2013017 Summer 2013016

Someday I’ll get some good lighting and take some decent pictures of Vivian, but for now, here’s what we have from the last couple weeks.

I get to cuddle this ALL the time, you guys. It’s pretty great.


Well, I guess I let Ryan get some cuddle time too… but only a little.IMAG0581_BURST002

This is one of my favorite onesies, but she wouldn’t stop fussing for the picture! Oh well. This is Vivian’s “swaddle me and let me go to sleep!” face.IMAG0584_BURST005

This was right before she pooped EVERYWHERE. Out of the diaper. Up her back. So much poop. Goodbye, onesie.IMAG0589_BURST002

Cloth diaper baby #2!IMAG0593_BURST004

Sleepy, matching boots!IMAG0594_BURST002

Did I mention this kid already puts herself to sleep? Her sleep habits are seriously a godsend. Maybe moving her into the same room as Elliott won’t be a big deal at all! Fingers crossed! We have 6 more months to figure out the transition.

Did I mention we’re moving? We’re moving out at the end of September, just to a place a few streets over. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, a little bit bigger living room/kitchen space, and a private back patio/yard area. Uh, and it has a two car garage (WIN!) It’s not huge, but our current place is a 2 bed/1 bath with a carport, so the amount of space in our lives has almost doubled, at least as far as storage and parking goes. It was kind of a surprise and we’re sad to leave our current house, since we’ve been here for 4 years! But, the moving process is good (I’m throwing away/donating so much stuff, you guys. It’s amazing). It’s nice to go through and see everything we’ve been holding onto for the last 4 years of marriage, and to finally be able to say good riddance to all the junk. Honestly, most of the boxes I’ve been going through are just full of things I was too lazy to throw away when we moved! I’m having a garage sale in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait. Good bye old junk! Hello new junk from IKEA! Woo!

In other news: Ryan goes back to teaching classes on Thursday, and begins the end of his journey at ASU! He’s gathering his reading lists from the four professors he needs for his “Four Areas,” and he’ll begin reading an insane amount of research, taking written tests on the books, and then taking a huge oral exam in a year and turning in the prospectus for his dissertation. One more year-ish and we’re out of here! I really can’t wait to see where we go. Taiwan? St. Louis? South Jordan? Somewhere ELSE? It’s going to be great.

Student loan repayment here we come!


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