One Month with Two Monsters

Of course, I mean “monsters” in the most loving, enthusiastic (and exhausted) way! My two girls. I have two daughters! Mind. Blown.

Anyway, these two girls have been great. Vivian continues to grow and change. I just keep hoping she changes back to sleeping 4-hour stretches at night… And Elliott continues to baffle me with sentences and inquiries. Also, I recently found out that she knows to words to almost every Disney song, as she’s started singing along with all of them. I’ll get a video of it, because her cadence and the way she emphasizes is ADORABLE.

I am, granted, completely exhausted. I have about 2 hours total to myself in any given day, and most of that time is being used to pack up our humble home and decide what to donate to Goodwill. The rest of that time is being used to try to keep the house looking semi-orderly while I tear it apart packing. Oh, and I squeeze another half an hour out of the end of the day to blog, obviously.

I even made a peach cobbler for dessert! The more exhausted I get, the more determined I become to accomplish a ridiculous amount of things that no one expects or recommends that I accomplish. Turns out that trying to pack/keep the house clean/grocery shop and prepare healthy meals is really hard while taking care of a toddler and a newborn. Taco Bell, anyone?

Anyway, Vivian is 6 weeks old today. Almost two months! She is curious and adamant and full of gas. I missed her one month birthday, so I’m going to post her one month picture here, for posterity.

Vivian One Month

Mom and Dad Robbins came to visit last weekend and we had a blast. Well, Elliott had a blast, the rest of us had a mostly calm, jolly good time. Elliott literally ran circles around “Ye Ye and Nai Nai” when the arrived. Debbie was so kind as to make us delicious meals, and it was GREATLY appreciated by all. We took them up to Phoenix on Saturday for some food truck treats. We all had Short Leash, a specialty hot dog vendor. The dogs are delicious, and the fried pickles are to die for. We took home some Momma Toledo’s homemade pies, and let me just say, I wasn’t overly impressed with the pies, but the woman who makes them is amazing. Exuberant Elliott barged into this lady’s truck, and she welcomed the curious little spirit aboard. She showed Elliott where she keeps the pies, let her sit in the driver’s seat, and the cherry on top: she showed Elliott the button for the horn. Elliott didn’t know what it was for, and I wish you all could have seen her face when the horn blasted as she pushed the button. Her eyes lit up with surprised delight as she quickly looked over at me, her face saying “Woah! Were you here just now when that happened?!” We get to experience less and less of that kind of joy as we age and the world becomes more familiar and common-place. I feel so blessed to be able to watch a new person interpret, define, and discover the world for the first time. So, buy a pie from Momma Toledo, because she is a wonderful person.

2013-08-23 13.05.24

(P.S. Elliott is OBSESSED with that Woody doll. She has a Buzz Lightyear too, and she plays with them all day everyday. Best Craigslist purchase I’ve ever made.)

2013-08-23 13.05.32 2013-08-23 13.05.48


Elliott was blessed two Sunday’s ago, and I got to put her in a frilly little dress. Big thanks to Momma Robbins for the adorable poofy slip to put under the dress. And big thanks to Kevin and Miquelle for buying that dress two years ago so both of our kids could have something white to wear on their blessing day, haha. #toolazyandcheaptobuyadifferentdress

2013-08-25 20.37.30-1

2013-08-25 10.12.01-5 2013-08-25 10.10.42-4 2013-08-25 10.09.44-5

In other news, I’m currently dairy, egg, and caffeine (including chocolate, sigh) free right now, due to Vivian’s sensitive tummy bits. But in good news, she’s not staying awake for 13 straight hours, and she’s not constipated anymore. Hurray! We’ve finally figured out co-sleeping, and she just put herself to sleep on our bed. I have my fingers crossed that we’re back to “normal,” but I won’t hold my breath… We’ll see what life is like next week. Or, like, tomorrow, right?

Thanks for sticking with me until the end! Check out those CURLS!

My snotty, dirty-faced charmer!



These curls are the things of Jane Austin’s dreams.ElliottCurls004


Don’t worry, the curls don’t make her too dainty.ElliottCurls010


She did NOT want to take a picture with me, hahaha


The END!



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  1. LOVE!!!! I feel so blessed to know you 4 although I have been a horrible friend and support through this period of adjustment. I am completely devastated you are moving even though I know it’s not far, I still know I won’t see you on Sunday’s. *pout~face* I so loved being there for Viv’s blessing and hearing the beautiful words spoken only as Ryan can. (oh great, now I just realized Ryan won’t be in Sunday School anymore either) *sigh~pout~face*

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