I have been remiss in my blogging duties. With so much to do at home with a newborn, trying to pack in a month and move in less than one day into a dirty house (which basically meant three months of juggling kids, not getting sleep and trying to clean around boxes so I could actually unpack), the end of 2013 was basically the worst. Luckily for us there were plenty of bright spots, and I hope to hit on most of those in the next few paragraphs.

First of all, Halloween was fun. Elliott really started getting into holidays this year, so all of the decorations and the candy, obviously, made her super excited. And the PUMPKINS! This girl was in heaven. Ryan got to go to a conference in Orlando where he was able to catch up with our friend Dave, and while he was away my Mom came to visit and help with the girls! It was great to have her and the girls loved having Nana around!

November was another great month for family! We had Kevin, Miquelle and baby Scout come visit us in the middle of the month, and Elliott was in HEAVEN. She loves having visitors and she loves Kevin and Miquelle. Plus another baby in the house? Win win win. Vivian and Scout got acquainted, and were fast friends. Lucky for us, Ryan works at a university, so we get to take advantage of all holiday breaks! We had an extended weekend around Thanksgiving, so we took a drive up to Utah to visit the Robbins’. We got to see Mom and Dad’s new house, and see all of our brothers and sisters. Elliott was in love with all of her cousins, although, I think they weren’t so much in love with her. Poor Elliott! At least she’s blessed with ignorance. I hope someday she can find her best friend who is just as enthusiastic as she is!

I don’t know how many of you we’ve mentioned it too, but Vivian has been having some digestive issues. So for the last 5 months I’ve been on a no dairy, soy, eggs or wheat diet. We finally figured out that she was having acid reflux issues, and since we’ve been medicating her she’s been much better at eating and sleeping/not screaming. The holidays were rough with my new diet, but I did let in some wheat so I could eat pie! Vivian has seemed fine with the inclusion, which is great news for both of us!

Here are some photo high lights from October/November!

BMO and Marcelene the Vampire Queen. Elliott loved her costume, and insisted on wearing “My Halloween!” all day long, every day:

2013-11-02 11.25.47

Love punch! Love kick!2013-11-15 14.49.56

Fun at the Phoenix Zoo:2013-11-16 09.34.31-112013-11-16 10.22.09 2013-11-16 11.17.22-4

Brothers and their babies:

2013-11-16 13.29.42

Nana and her little girls!

2013-11-21 11.17.13-1

Fun with Ye Ye at the park by the new house in Daybreak!

2013-11-28 10.34.26-2 2013-11-28 10.35.22-2

Elliott and Clara playing dress up:2013-11-28 15.10.11-1

New dresses from Aunt Heather!2013-11-28 15.53.25-1 2013-11-28 15.55.3220131128_180810 CousinToes MomandViv Sisters babies willelliottclara

December was an adventure on it’s own! Elliott had so much fun with all of the holiday decorations and learning about the baby Jesus and Mary, and about Santa Claus and presents, naturally. We probably called Santa (because Elliott can’t write letters yet) about 20 times a day. There is no way he didn’t know that Elliott really REALLY wanted him to bring her the Twilight Sparkle sticker book that she saw at Target that one time. I can’t believe she fixated on that one thing for the entire month! Kid knows what she wants. We went on lots of walks in the cool December evenings looking at neighborhood Christmas lights, and lights in surrounding neighborhoods, and Elliott loved the elaborate houses with blow up penguins and Santa’s sleigh, and all of the animatronics. People go NUTS! Maybe someday I’ll have $5,000 to blow on Christmas decor (not to mention the utility bill! Sheesh!) but for now I’ll take advantage of other people’s Christmas spirit!

Christmas morning was everything we hoped it would be for Elliott. First of all, she slept in until 9! I was up at 7:30! But once she got up it was all Oohs and Aaahs. She loved her doll house and Totoro, and her helping tower. Everyone was so nice to send her gifts, and she loves all of them. She really had so much fun opening and playing with everything. It was a great day. I got a laminator and a new coat I had my eye on, and Ryan got a Wii U, so I’d say Christmas was a success this year!

Their favorite place, under the tree:

2013-12-08 16.49.51 2013-12-16 08.48.20-4

2013-12-23 19.52.20

2013-12-23 19.21.12-8

New big girl bed! 2013-12-20 13.43.48-4

Christmas morning!2013-12-25 08.15.54

Cooking Christmas breakfast with Mommy, using her new helping tower:2013-12-25 11.23.12

2013-12-25 12.52.36-2

Christmas proved to be too exciting for Vivian. No naps all day led to a crash at about 9 o’clock. She just fell asleep sitting up in my lap!

2013-12-25 21.42.49

Happy New Year’s Eve, with the Dysons!2013-12-31 19.40.12 2013-12-31 21.44.46 2013-12-31 19.43.26

a little New Year’s Eve Wii U party:2013-12-31 21.45.04

We have been truly blessed with so many wonderful friends and such supportive families. This coming year is going to be tough; Ryan is starting his exams and working full time, and with his new schedule the girls won’t see him 3 days out of the week. He also has to learn Japanese and pass a reading/translation test, so we’ll need all the prayers and support you can send our way for the next year or so until he can wrap everything up. 2014 is going to be a hard, but worthwhile and pivotal year for us. I look forward to it with trepidation.


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  1. I love the under the tree picture. Your girls are adorable!! I love the next post, too!!! (Couldn’t comment separately as I’m nursing two and doing this one-handed! Ah!)
    We want to hang out w you guys so badly!!!

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